The Wake Up Call

The following is a compilation of information from multiple sources along with some of my personal studies, research, readings, and observations. While the links within the flip book do not work, I will post the most relevant links below along with a downloadable and printable copy of this information below, (several pages are blank for the purpose of note taking - as I encourage everyone to read and study for themselves), since this compilation was comprised, some of my views have changed, based upon my personal studies and new knowledge aquired from further reading and a better understanding of the word. As this site grows, I will be sharing this new knowledge and many new and differing perspectives to consider. The focus is to get my people to Wake Up! By viewing the Bible from through eyes wide open, knowing that it is all about us! Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, things to think about, and/or things which your would like to contribute to the Wake Up Family site.
Downloads & Links from The Wake Up Call

Printable PDF: The Wake up Call

The TRUE Hebrew Israelites defined by Scripture and History - by 7 Trumpets Prepper

World's Last Chance

King James Bible w/Apocrypha

Gdash the Prophet's Online School

(Unfortunatly, YouTube closed his old account - censoring the truth)

Gdash the Prophet on YouTube

Please be courteous to one another, everyone is entitled to their opinions. We are all here to fellowship and to learn, when in doubt back up your words with scripture...