Jesus & The New Testament on Trial?

On Monday, July 27, 2020 Bro. Gdash posed a question that started major controversy...for a moment even I was taken aback because it was totally unexpected and went against everything I had been taught as a youth, and since my own awakening I have been attempting to re-learn the bible through new eyes, while bringing everything I learned into a new how can one bring into question the reality of Jesus (Yahusha) the only begotton son of the Most High Yahuah?

In spite of it all, the brother has given us all something to think strongly about, and of course he brings it out with the scriptures. Because that is what is most important, not what you think you know but what you can prove with the very word of Yah. I will be posting the FB posts, video commentaries, and lessons he has and is posting on this topic below. Before you discount it, are you ready to study to prove it false? All he is doing is stimulating you studies, can you back up what you believe? As I always say, don't just believe what someone is saying, pick up The Word of Yahuah and read, study for yourself.
The "Messiah" Episode One Video Breakdown is Available Now in Gdash's Online School Now.
Stay Tuned for Jesus & The New Testament on Trial Coming Soon
Please be courteous to one another, everyone is entitled to their opinions. We are all here to fellowship and to learn, when in doubt back up your words with scripture...