Having worked in the healthcare industry for 15+ and studied as a nurse, I have known some good doctors and some really horrible doctors. But in this time of pestillence and pandemic I have seen the affects of and witnessed close friends and collegues who have suffered from and both recovered and/or passed away from this COVID-19 virus. I have been blessed by the most high to not have been afflicted in spite of being at high risk. HalleluYAH! This is the one doctor who I have heard speak honestly with my people about the virus, and although I do not agree with him about becoming guinea pigs to the vaccination tests, I trust his expertise in regards to maintaining one's health during these times, and his advised methods of protecting ourselves from contracting this disease.

Dr. Corey Hebert - Coronavirus Updates

Dr, Hebert answers your questions about COVID-19, giving detailed information about what treatments are working for our people and vitamins, suppliments, and dietary methods for boosting and maintaining your immune system during this pandemic. Below you will find some of the most recent as of June 16, 2020. For more of the most up to date coronavirus information from Dr. Hebert visit: https://www.facebook.com/DrCoreyHebert/videos/
Dr. Corey Hebert - YouTube Playlist

Dr, Hebert answers your health questions about practically everything from fever, diabetes, weightloss, to ADHD in this 45 videos YouTube Playlist. For more health information from Dr. Hebert visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrCoreyHebert/videos
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