Debunking the 12 Tribes Chart and False Doctrines
A Compilation of Video Studies by Trusted Sources
I felt there was a great need to create this page and dispel the myth that the True Israelites are other than a Black people. The FALSE 12 Tribes Chart has been circulating for years improperly placing Native Nations of North and South America as our Brothers. While it is undeniable that our people were dispersed among the nations and have been interbred, be it by choice or by rape, within many cultures our people will always be defined by the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and will always be decended from those Black people taken into captivity from the western coasts of Africa (Negroland), do not get it confused, they knew full well who they were taking into slavery.

The problem is, my people refuse to study for themselves, having awaken or in the process of awakening, many of us have decided to continue to be led instead of taking the initiative to pray and ask the Most High Yahuah for discernment. He has already given us the key to our salvation, his word in the Holy Bible which is our very own history book. Below are three videos which put into perspective who the True Tribes of Israel were and are, they use the holy scriptures and historical documentation to thoroughly DEBUNK the FALSE DOCTRINE of the 12 Tribe Chart.

For more information and as a starting point you can take a look at the beginning of my personal study of the
12 Tribes of Israel in accordance with scripture, being that it is an ongoing study use it as a starting point in your own study. Another False Doctrine is that our uncle Esau, our father Jacob's brother is the "White Man", twin brothers? For this I recommend you take a look at the extensive works of Bro. Gdash the Prophet's film series "Esau is NOT the White Man!", or take a look at Minister Dante Fortson's Finding Edom, and Ruddy Skin Color in Scriptue which can be found on his web site Black History in the Bible or watch his videos on the Tribe of Judah and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
For more information about the E1B1A genetic Haplogroup and to watch this video from it's beginning to end be sure to take a look at Y-DNA Genetic Proof of Who We Are
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