Gdash the Prophet's Book List
Below you will find the complete book list with links to our web store or affiliated shopping sites. Some books are also available for download from our personal library. For more Gdash video previews visit: Gdash the Prophet on YouTube or be sure to join his online school to see complete lessons and video breakdowns at:
Biblical Texts & History

1. King James Bible

2. Apocrypha

3. Cepher

4. Old Testament Psuedepigrapha (Volume 1)

5. Old Testament Psuedepigrapha (Volume 2)

6. The Septuagint with Aprocrypha

7. Zondervan Compact bible dictionary

8. Zondervan Illustrated bible dictionary

9. Zondervan pictorial bible dictionary

10. Nelson Illustrated bible dictionary

11. Exhaustive Strongs Concordance

12. The Works of Flavius Josephus

13. The Works of Philo

College Texts

14. Creole New Orleans(Race and Americanization) by Arnold R. Hirsch & Joseph Logsdon

15. Western African History (Volume 1.) by Robert O. Collins

16. Ouidah (The Social History of a West African slaving port 1727-1892) By Robin Law

17. A Cultural History of the Atlantic World, 1250-1820) By John K. Thornton

18. IBOS (Hebrew Exiles from Israel) Amazing facts and Revelations by Prof. Alaezi

19. Hebrewism of West Africa by Joseph J. Williams

Research Scholastic Sources

20. Blacks in the bible by James H. Warden jr.

21. The Negro Question Part 1.

22. The Negro Question Part 2.

The Negro Question Part 3.

24. The Negro Question Part 4.

25. The Negro Question Part 6.

(All By Lee Cummings)

From Babylon to Timbuktu by. Rudolph Winsor

27. 100 Amazing facts about the negro with complete proof by J. A. Rogers

28. The Ancient Black Hebrews and Arabs by Anu M' Bantu & Gert Muller

29. The Ancient Black Hebrews Vol 2. by Gert Muller

30. Black Origins of Ancient Rome & Black Roman Emperors by Gert Muller

31. The Lost Tribes and The Promised Land by. Ronald Sanders

32. Olaudah Equiano (The life of Olaudah Equiano)

33. Herod The Great By Stewart Perowne

34. History of the Arabs by. Philip K. Hitti

35. The Historical Geography of Arabia or The Patriarchal Evidence of Revealed Religion Part 2. by. Charles Foster

36. Pirates in their own words by. E.T. Fox

37. The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams

38. The African Presence in Ancient America (They came before Columbus) by. Ivan Van Sertima

39. Dead Sea scrolls uncovered by Robert Eiseman & Micheal- Wise

40. Neanderthal man (Basic concepts in Anthropology) by Kenneth A. R. Kennedy

41. Neanderthal By. John Darnton

42. Anomalistic History by Denman Collins

43. The History of Ancient Israel by Michael Grant

44. Peoples of an Almighty God By Jonathan Goldstein

45. Sarcophagus Of An Ancient Civilization By George Livingston Robinson

Illustrated Sources

46. The Icon by Kurt Weitzmann

47. Picture History of Jewish Civilization By. Harry N. Abrans Inc

48. The Unknown Catacombs by Antonio Ferrua

49. Imperial Rome by. Moses Hadas

50. The Nazis World war 2. By time life books

52. Voronet by Elisa Madolciu

53. Ancient Jewish Coinage by. Ya'akov Meshorer

54. The Bible as History in Pictures by Werner Keller

55. The Art of the Roman Catacombs by Gregory S. Athnos

56. Imprinting the Divine: Byzantine and Russian Icons from The Menil Collection

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